Cape Town Station


The Cape Town Station was redeveloped in preparation for the 2010 Wold Cup. The neglected facility has been turned around into an asset that supports a high quality service to commuters with improved facilities and relationship to the city. This project is considered to be the first phase of the longer term re-imagined integrated mixed-use develop for 2030 that currently has an estimate of R40 billion to gear the site for development.

The station is at the fulcrum of the 2010 Transport Hub and adjacent to the Fan Park. For the current phase of work, we have developed a new forecourt that served both rail operational needs and a new square within the city that could accommodate organized functions and events. The proposal also reorganizes both formal and informal trade and relocates operational functions within the station building itself.
The Long Distance Bus service is shifted away from its fragmented operations into a high quality consolidated facility along the northern edge of the building. This will include new ticketing concourse and dedicated waiting lounge for departing commuters.

Budget: R 400 million
Client: City of Cape Town
Team: Archstation: Jakupa architects and urban designers; MDL (Makeka Design Lab); DHK and Comrie Wilkinson
Project Type: Public
Location: CBD, Cape Town
Status: November 2011