Green Point Track (GPT)


The GPT sought a response to the site which involved an amalgamation of the physical landscape, historical significance and social history. These have become intricately intertwined with each other. Neither the building nor the landscape can exist without the other. The main building sits on a central axis with the field to maximize views. The main public entrance onto the field lines sits on the historical axis with the Somerset hospital, emphasizing this interesting part of the site’s

The scale of the main building appropriately responds to the trees on site which create a prominent vertical element. The building will be 2 storeys high on the street side and higher over the grandstand as it opens out onto the field. The building sits nestled within the treed landscape – allowing the natural environment to take precedence. The emphasis is on place making as opposed to a creating an object building within the landscape.

The idea of generosity and openness permeates the design of both the internal spaces and the spaces that surround the building. A large foyer inside and a wide public walkway onto the field, create ample flexible space for both temporary and permanent exhibitions to be held. The movement of people, that is constantly changing, emphasizes the vibrancy of the site’s social sporting history.

The building acts as anchor that holds the edge of the site, mediating between the outside public realm, and the playing field inside. This creates a layer of permanence and a sense of embrace. It is a gateway and also a filter through which people enter the site, but it also creates places where people can stop and gather and appreciate it significance.

A combination of concrete, glass, brick and stone materials relate sensitively to the natural textures on site. Parts of the building emphasise visual permeability, whilst others create solidity giving a sense of permanence.

Project Cost - appr. R 30 million
Client - City of Cape Town
Team - Stadium Architects Joint Venture:
Point Architects (Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers, Paragon Architects, Munnik Visser Architects and Henrie Wilkinson) and Louis Karol Architects
Project type - Sports
Status - Complete