Alan Middleton

BAS BA(Hons. EGS) BArch (UCT), PrArch (SA)

Alan is passionate about designing architectural environments that are innovative and environmentally appropriate. Applying his research in sustainable building design has exposed him to a variety of multidisciplinary projects including earth brick construction in remote farm restoration to high end hybrid air handling systems in public building work. Promoting opportunities for people to re-establish a balanced living environment for future generations is Alan’s motto.

Bronwyn Horn


Bronwyn is completing an internship year, fulfilling a support role within architectural and urban design projects. She is interested in how the built environment can shape space, both socio-economic and environmental, and particularly in how South African cities can be developed as well integrated, healthy and innovating urban environments. Bronwyn intends to further her studies within Urban Design.

Fulufhelo Rathando

NDip Architectural Technology, BTech (NMMU)

Fulufhelo is a Senior Technologist. He has a long history of working with Jakupa as a contract staff member and has been involved in a variety of projects ranging in scale and complexity. Since starting at Jakupa, he has accumulated 14 years of experience in the architectural profession within the roles of project lead, site agent, quality assurance manager and construction documentation expert.

Gcobani (Alfred) Luzipho

Alfred is the general office assistant and helps with deliveries, printing and office maintenance. He is currently up-skilling in computer literacy.

Janice Andrews

Janice is the voice of Jakupa and deals with the public relations and administrative component of the company. She has a background in management and sales and hopes to further her skills at Jakupa.

Kevin Porter

BAS BArch (UCT), MIArch, PrArch (SA)

Kevin is a senior architect with experience gained from an array of projects, including upmarket residential, commercial developments and retail interiors. He is involved in all stages of the design, documentation and administration of projects and all aspects, from client and consultant liaison, through to contractual issues and on-site implementation. As a problem solver, with an eye for detail, he strives for excellence in all facets of all projects.

Kevin Stein

BAS (Hon.) MArch(Prof) (Wits), CANT (SA)

Kevin is a candidate architect who has recently joined the Jakupa team. He graduated with his Architectural Masters Degree in 2012 and proceeded to spend a year and a half working abroad in Toronto, Canada on large scale mixed use developments. Since his graduation he has been involved in a variety of projects spanning both the commercial and residential sector. Kevin has a keen interest in sustainable design as he believes in creating contextual based projects that respond appropriately to both the macro and micro of the environments in which they are placed.

Khalied Jacobs - Partner

NDip Arch (Pen Tech), BAS BArch (UCT), MArch Human Settlement (Belgium), UDISA

Khalied drives Jakupa’s urban design portfolio and has been responsible for innovations in urban design methodology and practice. Other than the wide range of development projects he has authored, Khalied has served as a consultant to UN-HABITAT as an urban planner for the Somalia Development Programme and was a senior lecturer post at UCT’s School of Architecture. He serves as an executive member of SABTACO, and is a Cape Town Partnership Board member.

Maureen Petersen

As operation clerk, Maureen is the backbone to the smooth running of the office, ensuring it is a welcoming and hospitable working environment. She supports Janice in administrative work and assists all Jakupa members in a number of tasks.

Phumeza Williams

BAS MArch(Prof) (UCT), CANT (SA)

Phumeza is a candidate architect who has recently rejoined the team after completing her Masters Degree. With two years internship experience, she has been involved in the design development and technical aspects of residential and public projects, as well as the Cape Town Stadium 2010 and most recently the current Greenpoint Athletics Stadium Major Alterations Project. Having partially studied graphic design and art direction, Phumeza has a keen interest in all facets of design.

Pragasen (Gabs) Pather - Partner

BAS BArch (UCT), MIArch, PrArch (SA), SABTACO

Gabs has worked on a variety of projects ranging from retail, sports, institutional, commercial and residential. He has expertise in design & documentation of large scale projects and has been intensely involved with the Cape Town Stadium and Precinct project in preparation for the FIFA 2010 Soccer World Cup. He has lectured at both UCT and CPUT and has previously served as vice-chairperson and general secretary for SABTACO - Western Cape.

Sadaka Jaffar

ND Architectural Technology (CPUT)

Sadaka has recently re-joined Jakupa as an architectural technician after completing his third year Architectural Technology at CPUT. He wishes to further his studies to B-Tech level.

Sanele Ndumela

ND Architectural Technology (CPUT), CAT (SA)

Sanele joined Jakupa in 2008 to be part of a new Jakupa architects and urban designers branch in Johannesburg. He moved back to Jakupa’s Cape Town offices in July 2010. He has an abundance of experience in small, medium and large projects ranging from upmarket houses to large housing projects built in the UK to stadiums. He plans to further his studies in Project Management.

Sarah Patterson

BAS BArch (UCT), MIArch, PrArch (SA)

Sarah is a senior architect fulfilling an Urban Design role at Jakupa. She is involved in a variety of projects ranging in scale and complexity in both architecture and urban design. Sarah is interested in the continuing debate on how to make more equitable and inclusive urban environments through adaptation and refinement of both public- and privately owned spaces within cities. A further personal focus is in implementing realistic, progressive solutions to the problems of energy consumption in cities.

Tanya Moodaley


Tanya is an Architectural Technologist in the office. She studied Interior Decorating at Intec College and then went on to pursue Architecture at CPUT where she completed her BTECH Degree. She is passionate about community outreach projects and believes architecture and design can enhance everyday living conditions and contribute positively to social change. Tanya is keen on gaining as much experience in the work place as she can and aims to further her studies to obtain her Architectural Masters Degree.

Vimala Pather

Vimala is the financial administrator and is responsible for the book keeping functions of the company.