JAKUPA has the express intent to create a rich and varied architectural environment for the creative and constructive engagement in the contemporary African urban condition through both practice and academic application. Our mission is rooted in a strong tradition of concern for humanistic values and the aim to find appropriate roles for architecture and urbanism in our society.

We will be recognized as a place where our creativity can be engaged, cultivated and nurtured in a framework of values that humanistically, socially and environmentally responsible. We will address these issues by building responsibly in today’s market economy and relate this to contemporary architectural theory and practice in the local context.

Through our philosophy of research through design practice, Jakupa will bring contemporary architectural theory and practice into a relationship with the skills, thinking and heritage of architecture in an African context.

In our commitment to the ideals of sincere and radical social and spatial transformation, we sincerely believe that the act of city making is a political exercise and acknowledge the responsibility we share through making the space we live in equitable, productive and sustainable.

Jakupa will engender a work ethic where our creativity is complemented by the ability to produce projects within time and budgetary constraints. We will provide a full range of architecture, urban design and related services with a focus on sustainable design solutions. We will deliver innovative briefs through stakeholder participation, which address organisational development and strategic planning prerequisites in a holistic manner.