Jakupa Architects and Urban Designers have been appointed by The Cape Winelands District Municipality to prepare sketch proposals for the MaB Centre.
The new MaB facility in Franschhoek fulfils the role of co-operative governance and it has an informative role in relation to conservation and development.
The project should represent the relationship between conservation and development which could be showcased as a pilot project.

The project considers a number of sustainable approaches/technologies such as: natural ventilation, solar flexibility of spaces, adobe brick construction, natural materials for finishes, grassed/green roof, passive/active heating and cooling, on-site waste water management (grey water system), rain water collection, energy generation (solar panel system), organic farming and the re-establishment of the existing orchard.

All new construction will be detailed in such a way that a local based (small) contractor could carry all works.
It was recommended that materials for construction were acquired from site (stone, cob/mud).
In case materials cannot be acquired on site, we recommended that the contractor procures it from a maximum distance of 50 kilometres from site in order to support local economy and minimize energy consumption.

Budget: R 14 402 817-00
Client: Cape winelands district municipality
Team: Jakupa architects and urban designers
Project type: Public
Location: Franschhoek, Western Cape
Status: Stage 2 completed